Who We Are

If cash flow claims are sapping your energy and resources or taking your focus away from your core business or getting delayed, or consistently dropping down, or being denied on whatsoever reason, let us take the charge and do the work for you. Because we focus on the one thing we do best – managing our clients’ claims. We believe claim collection is an art only known to experts. We are proud to say that we have mastered over this art, thanks to our highly efficient team.

The name you trust

Located in the heart of the capital, Claims Care Revenue Cycle Management provides comprehensive financial clearance solutions to healthcare entities across the UAE and beyond, when it comes to cash flow management process and performance. Established in 2012, Claims Care is a one-stop- shop laced with cutting-edge technology used to maximize the revenue collections in a challenging and fast-changing reimbursement environment.

Second to None

Our team of highly skilled experts takes care of all the matters related to revenue cycle management in the perspective of adjudication guidelines set by Health Authority – Abu Dhabi (HAAD) and ensures the claims are recovered within timeframe. A well-knitted, fast-paced efficient system has been set up, which helps us communicate with the EHR and accounting systems to update the billing and collection cycles to get the lion’s share of the pie you truly deserve.


Why we are better

Eye on the market trends: Claims Care understands the intricacies and future dynamics of the market better and works as your strategic partner safeguarding your financial interests.

At your service: A team of highly professional auditors and coders is wholly dedicated to recover the cash flow claims.

Precision is priceless: With speed and accuracy, we bring a superior level of productivity and efficiency to your billing and coding processes in order to improve day-to- day collections and cash flow.

As unique as you are: Each case is unique in itself. Therefore, we provide you with full service, medical billing extending to EMR solutions befitting your needs.

Efficiency first- Payment second (All Claims Submission): Claims Care is 100% performance driven. We strive to keep the cash flow claims transparent. There are no administrative expenses related to in-house billing. In addition, there are no hidden or ongoing expenses involved in what we commit.

You are important to us — Claims Care staff is committed to serving you. Each client is assigned to a designated Account Executive, offering you the comfort of working with a representative guiding every step of the way through the implementation process to periodic reporting, reviews and updates.

Under the Umbrella

Claims Care encompasses everything from determining patient insurance eligibility and collecting co-pays to properly coding claims. It covers everything that comes under the umbrella of claims management and beyond.